My Election Nov 2008 Prediction

on Sunday, November 02, 2008

Today is Monday Nov. 3, 2008
Just 1 more day.
So I've been playing around with election numbers...270 being the number of electoral college votes necessary to win the presidency.

There are numerous websites such as or CNN Electoral Map Calculator that lets you change the colors of the states and see the various outcomes that would determine the campaign winner.

So I've been playing around with the numbers for fun. And this is my guess. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN...
Blue states mean Obama won.
Red states mean McCain won.
Black states mean that it is too close to call.

In my opinion, I think that the Election 2008 will be decided by 3pm Hawaii time. Why? Because by that time, it will be 7 pm in Missouri, and the polls close. So the eastern half of the country (Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and even Florida) will have voted. Large states such as Ohio (with 20) and Pennsylvania (with 21) electoral college votes can swing the election.
Either way, I'll get up early on Tuesday morning to vote at my local Hawaii poll. At least our polling machines are electronic. So no hanging chads. And we get a ticket stub receipt saying that we voted. And we get a sticker.
So stay tuned...into whatever new channel or Internet site you check to see the latest on the election....
Oh and if you really get into this predicting game, there is a CNN Political Market where you can "buy stock" and predict the outcome. It's play money of course. And it is just for fun. I started playing back in Jan 2008. Let's of early Monday morning, I am a trader ranked #3,039 out of 54, 615 online traders. Okay, so not stellar. But at least that puts me in the top 5.5%. That counts for something right?
-- tagman8us


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