Countries I Want to Visit - and maybe why

on Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. 28, 2009

I can't believe it's the last day in February...

If I could travel the world, I would visit these countries. Sure, I might be touristy, but maybe I would go for other reasons too.

No, I don't have a lot of money to travel, but if I could...

COUNTRIES I WANT TO VISIT (in alphabetical order) [and maybe why]

Argentina - Again. mission memories & friends

Australia - Sydney Harbor. Kangaroos

Bahamas - More Caribbean ocean. Relax on the beach.

Bolivia - more markets

Cambodia - Angkor Wat & friends

Canada - Again. friends, Niagara Falls

Chile - mission comps

China - Great Wall, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Teach English

Denmark - Historical Past

Dominican Republic - Again. Caribbean & family

Ecuador - Again. Visit the past

Egypt - Pyramids

England - London, Big Ben, Guards

Germany - cool accent

Greece - Athens and ancient ruins

Guatemala - Tikal and other Mayan ruins, markets

India - Taj Mahal

Indonesia - friends

Israel - Holy Land

Japan - Tokyo night lights

South Korea - Language, LG Electronics

Mexico - Again. Friends. Ruins. Cancun. Chitzen Itza. Mexico City.

Mongolia - Sounds cool and way out there.

New Zealand - Haka Dance

Paraguay - More South America

Peru - Aji de pollo, Machu Pichu

Philippines - friends

Taiwan - Taipei 101 Tower

Thailand - friends, cool palace architecture

United States of America - Again. Historical & Tourist spots.

Uruguay - Again. Montevideo

I want stamps in my passport....


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